5 Things You Need to Know When Buying Refurnished Appliances

Customers Across Las Vegas Saving Big Bucks with Used Appliances - Buy Low Appliances
Customers Across Las Vegas Saving Big Bucks with Used Appliances
April 27, 2015
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Given the rather suspect and volatile economy of today (it has been performing well recently to be fair), many people are now cutting down their lavish habits and finding other ways to make end meets. The average prices of homes across the US are increasing, so are the prices of commute, everyday groceries, and even major appliances. While you can always make-do with coupons and promotions, they only offer a certain level of discounts and price cuts when it comes to appliances.

On the other hand, you can start considering buying refurnished appliances for your home. Refurnished appliances are basically any used appliances that have been repaired and tested. They generally feature a ‘Refurbished’ or ‘Reconditioned’ label and are available for fairly reasonable rates as compared to the brand new versions. However, you have to consider these five factors before buying refurnished appliances to ensure long term use and savings!

1. Look for Branded Refurnished Appliances

There is a lot of variety in refurnished appliances, so the eventual decision should be to choose products for which you can easily find spare parts. This is why it is advisable to look for branded models. Branded refurnished appliances may have a Quality Assurance & Quality Control seal that verifies that the product has been refurbished according to the standards set by the brand company.

2. Purchase Guarantee Is a Must

You can easily buy a refurnished washing machine for peanuts, but it may not necessarily have a guarantee. Make sure you get some type of guarantee for the refurnished appliances, especially in writing. If possible, get a warranty for a certain period of time, from 4 to 8 weeks at least. There is no point in buying a cheap refurnished appliance that stops working the next day.

3. Don’t Buy If You Can’t Test

A refurnished appliances dealer should allow you to test the products and check if everything is working properly. If the product is packaged, you should still avail an on-site check, and check the packaging to see if all the parts are in place. There are chances that some dealers may encourage you to test the display appliance and will sell you a different one. If the dealer is hesitant in getting the appliances tested, then don’t bother spending your hard earned money on something that may be suspect in functionality.

4. Check the Key Areas

The front, back, sides, as well as motors, transmissions, and any other parts should be thoroughly checked before buying an appliance. A good tip here is to check for the quality seal provided by the manufacturer. If the refurnished appliances have passed through quality control, the ‘Refurbished’ and QC seal should be fresh.

5. The Credibility of the Resell Business

Lastly, but most importantly, verify whether the reseller is reliable or not. If you can purchase refurnished appliances from a manufacturer approved reseller, then great! If not, look online for reviews and ask people around the neighborhood regarding the quality of appliances being sold.

It takes a day, two tops to find a good refurnished appliances dealer in Las Vegas such BuyLow Appliiances. As a benchmark, a reliable reseller should have positive online reviews, a website, well maintained appliances, and a guarantee of some sorts. Doing so will help you buy appliances for long term use without breaking the bank!